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Mount Kailash (Kangrinpoche) is situated at western part of Tibet, has been considered sacred by Buddhists, Hindus, Jains and Bonpos for thousands of years. For Hindus and Buddhists it is the Centre of the Universe. A pilgrimage tour to the mountain and around it- is such a supreme goal for the faithful. It is easy to understand how pilgrims, walking overland for weeks or months, feel they are really approaching the Centre of Universe since ancient times. Mt. Kailash has been revered as the sources of four of the great rivers of Asia, fueled by the water of nearby holy Lake Mansarovar- Indus, Bramhaputra (Tsangpo), Karnali ( the sacred Ganges) and Sultej, which have their sources within sixty miles of the mountain. One can go to this centre of universe joining with our below listed programs

Sacred Lake Manasarovar (4588m) is located in West Tibet between Mt. Kailash (6714 m) and the Gurla Mandhata Range (Memo Nani, 7694m). For Hindus, Lake Manasarovar floats beneath the shadow of holy Kailash as the lake formed in the mind of God. It was created to show the omnipotence of Brahma’s mind, manas. Tibetans know it as Maphan Tso, ‘the Unconquerable Lake’. In many languages, this is holiest, most famous lake in Asia. The Hindu poet Kalidash, wrote in the 3rd C: "When the earth of Manasarovar touches anyone’s body or when anyone bathes therein, he shall go to the paradise of Brahma, and who drinks its water shall go to the heaven of Shiva and shall be released from the sins of 100 births. Even the beast that bears the name of Manasarovar shall go to the paradise of Brahma. Its water are like pearls".

The best time to circle Manasarovar is in late autumn and early spring when the streams and rivers flowing into the lake are low (some Tibetan actually prefer to come in winter when everything is frozen, including the lake). It is then possible to walk very near the shoreline. During most of the year, be prepared to wade across small and large streams.

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Mount Kailash (Kangrinpoche) is situated at western part of Tibet, has been considered sacred by Bud ...

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