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About Jungle Safari in Nepal

Jungle SafariChitwan National Park
Chitwan National Park lies south-west of Kathmandu, widely acknowledged as one of the best National Parks in Asia, the Chitwan National Park , with an are of 932 squire kilometers in the inner Teria flood plains of the Narayani and Rapti Rivers . Formerly a Royal hunting reserve, UNESCO also declares Chitwan a World Heritage Site in 1984. Chitwan is a very popular wildlife safari destination on account of its thriving wildlife Numbers and easy accessibility from Kathmandu and Pokhara. Visitors have the opportunity of close encounters with wild thee-ton Rhinos on elephant back, a thrilling and frightening experience but not really dangerous as both the elephant and their handlers are well experienced in their work. The park is home to an immense variety of wildlife so there are a lot more other creatures to see besides the Rhinos. There is lot of good accommodation including Jungle Activities makes the Park well worth a visit. This Park ranks third, after Kathmandu and Pokhara as the place most preferred by visitors. Other resident mammals include the Leopard, Gaur (Wild Ox), Wild Elephant, Sloth Bear, Rhesus Monkey, Langur, Wild Boar, Striped Hyenas, Dhole (wild dog), Jackal, Four Horned Antelope, Sambar Deer, Spotted Deer, Hog Deer and Barking Deer.

Bardiya National park
Birdiya lies in the far west, an overland transit via road can be tiresome. Most people prefer to fly from Kathmandu to Nepalganj Bardiya National Park is the largest and most undisturbed wild area of the Terai, densely covered by Sal forests, riverine forests and grassland. Within its confines of 968 squire kilometers, there are animals such the Rhinoceros, Wild elephant, Tiger, Swamp deer, Black Buck, Gharial Crocodile and Gangetic dolphin.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve
Koshi Tapu Wildlife Reserve, with an area of 175 squire kilometers, is situated in the embankments of the Sapta Koshi River system, Flying from Kathmandu to Biratnagar is the most convenient ways to get there. The vegetation consists mainly of grassland, scrub and deciduous forests. This reserve is unique for its 100 or so surviving wild water buffaloes. Other mammals are the Hog Deer, Wild Boar, Spotted and the Nilgai. The species of Birds total 280 here and includes 20 of ducks, many storks, egrets, herons and the endangered swamp partridges and Bengal floricans. The reason is resting place for migrating Birds not seen anywhere in Nepal . Endangered Gharial Crocodiles and Gangetic dolphins have also been sighted in the Koshi River.

National Parks Area (sq km) Location & Altitude (M.) Remarks
Chitwan 932 Terai
Thick jungles and teeming wildlife including one horned Rhinos, and Bengal Tigers. Sal forest makes the 70% of its area. Best Visit: All around the year
Rara 106 1800 to 4048
Has the country's biggest lake (10.8 sq km) Pinus, Rhododendron (Guranse in Nepali), Himalayan cypress, pine forests. Musk deer, black bear, mallard, merganser cock and other birds. Best Visit: Oct to Dec or Mar to May.
Suklaphant 155 Far-West of Nepal
View the largest herd of swamp deer in the world and an infinity of open grass lands! Best Visit: Feb to March
Everest (Sagarmatha) 1148  
Includes the Mt. Everest peak (8848 mtr).  Impeyen pheasant (the national bird of Nepal), Himalayan tahr, goral, serow. Obviously excellent mountain views from here.
Shey-Phoksundo 3555  
Includes snow leopard, blue sheep, Impeyan pheasant (danphe), blood pheasant, and cheer pheasant. Best Visit : March to May
Bardia 368 Terai, 152 to 1441
70% of the park is Sal Forest.  Rhinoceros, elephant, tiger, black buck, swamp deer. Also found are the gharial crocodile, marsh mugger crocodile and Gangetic dolphin. Best Visit: All time
Parsa 499 Terai
Chir pine, sissoo (Dalbergia sissoo), silk cotton forest, elephant, tiger, leopard, sloth bear, blue bull, and wild dog, over 280 species of birds, many species of snakes.
Makalu - Barun 2330 435 to 8463
Most visitors are the trekkers and mountaineers due to relatively extreme location. 30 rhododendrons color the hillsides, over 3000 species of flowering plants, red panda, musk deer, Himalayan  leopard, over 400 bird species.
Dog red panda, pika, muntjac, musk deer, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan tahr, ghoral, serow. Breathtaking views of the Himalayna range.

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