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Welcome to "Agni Air". We have been in the transportation business for a number of years, and look forward to many more successful years. Let us put our experience to work for you. We strive to make transporting you, your belongings, or an important package as smooth as possible. Whether you are moving your family across the country or sending a letter across town, we can handle the job. We take the pleasure in introducing Agni Air Ltd. as one of its kind in the field of Air Taxi operations. The airlines commenced its operations in 2006 and since then it has been totally committed to providing efficient and safe aviation facilities. Till September 2008 it has catered around 2.5 million passengers including 1.5 million foreigners.
We at Agni Air are committed to providing best in class, reliable and convenient air transportation that meets or exceeds our customer expectations. Our work philosophy has been to look forward and always strive for excellence.We have made plans for substantial investments in the 21st century, so that Agni could always maintain the high standards of quality in service it has provided and at the same time project itself as modern progressive airlines. Therefore our will to move forward coupled with the friendly and caring service of our team speaks elegantly of our determination to reach new heights.

A significant focus of our strategy formulation has been the implementation of IT Systems. An exercise in foresight done by the management emphasizes the need of making substantial investment in technology in order to project itself as a safe, professional and modern airlines. Agni plans to implement Online Reservation System whereby customers would be able to check flight availability and reserve seats online, thereby, saving their precious time and effort.
From To Flight No Flight Depart Arrival
Kathmandu J-41 Bhairahawa AG-751 Daily 15:00 15:35
Bhairahawa J-41 Kathmandu AG-752 Daily 15:55 16:30
Kathmandu J-41 Bhairahawa AG-753 Daily 15:00 15:30
Bhairahawa J-41 Kathmandu AG-754 Daily 15:50 16:30
Kahtmandu J-41 Bhadrapur AG-901 Daily 10:30 11:20
Bhadrapur J-41 Kathmandu AG-902 Daily 11:40 12:30
Kathmandu J-41 Bhadrapur AG-903 Daily 12:50 13:40
Bhadrapur J-41 Kathmandu AG-904 Daily 13:50 14:40
Kathmandu J-41 Pokhara AG-701 Daily 09:00 09:25
Pokhara J-41 Kathmandu AG-702 Daily 09:45 10:10
Kathmandu J-41 Pokhara AG-703 Daily 11:45 12:10
Pokhara J-41 Kathmandu AG-704 Daily 12:25 12:50
Kathmandu J-41 Pokhara AG-705 Daily 14:30 14:55
Pokhara J-41 Kathmandu AG-706 Daily 15:10 15:35
Kathmandu J-41 Biratnagar AG-801 Daily 09:00 09:40
Biratnagar J-41 Kathmandu AG-802 Daily 09:50 10:30
Kathmandu J-41 Biratnagar AG-805 Daily 12:30 13:10
Biratnagar J-41 Kathmandu AG-806 Daily 13:20 14:00
Kathmandu J-41 Biratnagar AG-807 Daily 15:30 16:10
Biratnagar J-41 Kathmandu AG-808 Daily 16:20 17:00
Kathmandu J-41 Biratnagar AG-809 Daily 16:30 17:10
Biratnagar J-41 Kathmandu AG-810 Daily 17:20 18:00
Kathmandu J-41 Mountain Flight AG-601 Daily 06:30 07:15
Kathmandu J-41 Mountain Flight AG-602 Daily 06:30 07:15
Kathmandu J-41 Mountain Flight AG-603 Daily 06:30 07:15
Kathmandu J-41 Mountain Flight AG-604 Daily 07:30 08:15
Kathmandu J-41 Mountain Flight AG-605 Daily 07:30 08:15
Kathmandu J-41 Mountain Flight AG-606 Daily 07:30 08:15
Kathmandu DO-228 Lukla AG-101 Daily 06:30 07:00
Lukla DO-228 Kathmandu AG-102 Daily 07:15 07:45
Kathmandu DO-228 Lukla AG-103 Daily 08:00 08:30
lukla DO-228 Kathmandu AG-104 Daily 08:45 09:15
Kathmandu DO-228 Lukla AG-105 Daily 09:30 10:00
Lukla DO-228 Kathmandu AG-106 Daily 10:15 10:45
Kathmandu DO-228 Lukla AG-107 Daily 11:00 11:30
Lukla DO-228 Kathmandu AG-108 Daily 11:45 12:15
Kathmandu DO-228 Lukla AG-109 Daily 14:00 14:30
Lukla DO-228 Kathmandu AG-110 Daily 14:45 15:15
Kathmandu DO-228 Lukla AG-301 Daily 06:30 07:00
Lukla DO-228 Kathmandu AG-302 Daily 07:15 07:45
Kathmandu DO-228 Lukla AG-303 Daily 08:00 08:30
Lukla DO-228 Kathmandu AG-304 Daily 08:45 09:15
Kathmandu DO-228 Lukla AG-305 Daily 09:30 10:00
Lukla DO-228 Kathmandu AG-306 Daily 10:15 10:45
Kathmandu DO-228 Lukla AG-307 Daily 11:00 11:30
Lukla DO-228 Kathmandu AG-308 Daily 11:45 12:15
Kathmandu DO-228 Tumlingtar AG-201 Daily 12:30 13:10
Tumlingtar DO-228 Kathmandu AG-202 Daily 13:25 14:05
Pokhara DO-228 Jomsom AG-404 Daily 06:00 06:20
Jomsom DO-228 Pokhara AG-405 Daily 06:25 06:45
Pokhara DO-228 Jomsom AG-CHT Daily 06:50 07:10
Jomsom DO-228 Pokhara AG-CHT Daily 07:15 07:30
1. Kathmandu-Mountain $140 20/14 6000 Rs.815
2. Kathmandu-Biratnagar $108 8 3500 Rs.500
3. Kathmandu-Bhadrapur $137 10 4050 Rs.600
4. Kathmandu-Pokhara $86 6 2300 Rs.360
5. Kathmandu-Bhairahawa $101 7 2940 Rs.445
6. Kathmandu-Lukla $109 6 2355 Rs.335
7. Pokhara-Jomsom $76 4 1370 Rs.195

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