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Amazing Thailand: One of the world's most exotic locations… Over the last couple of decades Thailand has become one of the most loved travel destinations in the world. Each year many thousands of people visit Muang Thai (as it is known locally) for a travel experience they do not easily forget. Why though is Thailand such a popular destination? Why do visitors love this country so much?

Thailand Travel Information
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The country of Thailand lies in the southeast tip of Asia, and is one of the most frequently visited countries. It stretches for an area of, extending like a green woolly carpet to the brownish coastal plains. Administratively divided into 76 provinces, the country is full of people from origins of Thai, Chinese and Malay with Buddhism reigning as the dominant religion and a handful of Muslims to complete the list.

Thailand, formerly known as Siam has its capital city as Bangkok. The magnificent country of Thailand is busy with commercial activities and supports an excellent infrastructure, round the clock. Tourism flourishes well and is the reason behind the constant street bustling and busy with all time open shops and malls.

The map of Thailand is beautifully dotted with architectural evidences, magnificent shopping malls, sun-kissed beaches and palm-dotted islands, delicious foods and drinks, exotic hilly villages and other ancient grandeur of ruins. One will be perfectly balanced between comfort and adventure while cruising through Thailand for activities and chilling sensational events are well maintained to tantalize the tourist minds.

Thailand is sprinkled with rivers and canals all over with the Chao Phraya as the most important river, which abundantly waters the whole of Thailand. Dark looming mountains safely border the country, which runs southward along Myanmar. High plains in the east and green forests in the peninsula shared with Malaysia are the prominent features. The land of Thailand is full of labyrinthine roads, which curves itself into natural greenery and produce an awesome feeling in every heart. So its always fun to get lost and discover newness amidst nature. Although industries like tin, fish products, tapioca, textiles, furniture, plastics and electrical appliances flourish well here yet agriculture remains the primary source of sustenance. Thailand amongst other Asian countries is one of the largest producers of rice. The temperature normally ranges between 35 degree centigrade in April to 20 degree centigrade in December. The hot and rainy season dominate the climactic map of Thailand.

Fast Facts about Thailand

Area: 514, 000 sq km
Border countries: Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma)
Population: 64,632,000
Inflation: 5.1%
GDP per capita: US$9100
Religion: 95% Buddhist
Literacy: 92.6%
Original name: Siam
Number of coups d'etat since 1932: 18
Number of 7-Elevens currently: 3800
Highest point: Doi Inthanon 2565m
Rice exports: 7.4 million tonnes in 2006 (number one rice exporter in the world)


513,120 sq. Kms
13° 44’ N
100° 30’ E
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