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Travelers keen on getting familiar with any culture know they either have to spend long time in the given region or they need to get closer with the locals. A Nepalese village has opened its doors to the tourists offering unique home stays.
Kumpur village homestay tour, Nepal. Travel like a local. we provide you with the opportunity of experiencing a "once in a lifetime" journey as you participate in sustainable community ecotourism projects in rural villages in Nepal.

We are an independent, well established tour operating company specializing in Village Home stays holidays in Nepal. These holidays provide an alternative form of tourism where the visitor gets to integrate into the host community’s way of life by experiencing their local culture and customs.

Ghale Treks is part of a wider operation that has its objectives in the promotion of sustainability and conservation of natural resources in rural areas of Nepal. We have helped establish the Non-Profit Organization Creative Hands; We have been involved in a number of projects promoting sustainable forms of agriculture and tourism and the conservation of wildlife in Nepal. We also help local students and foreign researchers to become involved in these fields.

Village Introduction:
Kumpur is a village located at Kumpur Village Development Committee (VDC) 2, Dhading District in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 7916 and had 1405 houses in it. altitude of around 1500 meters above sea level.
The climate is ideal at any time during the September to June season with warm days and cool nights. the volume of over 50% peoples' lives tribe called GHALE and rest of verities tribes like Gurung, Braman, Newar, Sarki, Kami, Damai, Magar, Praja etc., They all have own different history, traditional, culture, rules and life style . The peoples most are farmers and some caste has own cultural profession.

The village layout with hillside areas, so it's nice and warm even throughout the winter, but still you have excellent views on the Annapurna range, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Manaslu, Mardi Himal, Gauri sankar and lots of water falls with panoramic views and natural beauty which surrounds Kumpur.

You can easily reach to Kumpur, It is 80 kilometers far from capital city Kathmandu - between Kathmandu and Pokhara, it takes 4 hour by local buses to Bungchung Village, if you take private vehicle (Car/Jeep) drive you on 2 and half hours then hike up to Kumpur around 3 hours. Buses leaves from Nearby central bus station Kathmandu.

Why home Stay?
There are many reasons why, A Kumpur Village Home Stay is a home away from your home wherein guests are hosted with utmost care. Ghale Treks focuses on the home stay experience. There is no better way to know about Nepal and Nepalese life style accept our Kumpur Village Home stay program. Village home stay is a wonderful opportunity to experience Nepal culture first-hand.

Village Home stay is a new concept in ecotourism. The advantages of a Kumpur village home stay are that guests can interact with host families, understand the local culture, language, activities and customs.

Kumpur Village Home stays are soothing destinations for couples, family, and even singles who desire a private peaceful holiday and that is the reason why Home Stays in Kumpur village are popular with tourists who visit Nepal. Kumpur Village Home stays promotes peaceful setting, relaxation, privacy and memorable holidays to the guests with homely environment at the home stay and tasty traditional home-cooked Nepali foods/cuisine.

Kumpur Village Home stays enable tourists to enjoy Kumpur nature and have a rural life experience since Kumpur home stays are located away from the rush of city life and busy traffic.

You will experience Nepalese daily life with your host family. It will be a memorable language and culture exchange. You will stay in village home with the host family.

Kumpur village is very remote and hidden even very closer to capital Kathmandu, peoples are suffering for pharmacy, hospital, post office, collage, electric and police bits more so on. The peoples speak native mother tongue Nepali and own cast languages, they are very friendly and kind. Foreigners are very new face to them so while they see you, they will be very surprised. It's worth to meet and touch them.

Our Mission Statement:
To empower communities to integrate conservation of their environment with economic development by sustainable use of their resources through tourism

An Sustainable Travel International member. We are members of the Sustainable Travel International, which exists to unite conservation, communities and Sustainable travel. The Society's recognition of our company is your assurance that our holidays are responsibly run to a high standard and will benefit the host community as well as our clientele.

We are members of the Sustainable Travel International, which exists to unite conservation, communities and Sustainable travel. Sustainable Travel International's recognition of our company is your assurance that our holidays are responsibly run to a high standard and will benefit the host community as well as our clientele.

So we welcome you to enjoy your memorable holidays/vacations in Nepal at our Home Stay in Kumpur Village!

Press Released:

  • A Professional English Speaking Guide
  • All Meals (Normal as villager peoples used to eat like: soup, rice, vegetable, pickle etc.)
  • All Surfce Transportations
  • Permit, Entry fee (If necessary)
  • Soft Drinks
  • International Airfares and airport departure taxes as applicable.
  • The cost of personal items like laundry & all kind of soft & hard drinks
  • Optional excursions
  • Cost of visas, travel insurance
  • Tips
  • Gratuities for services provided on a personal basis
  • The single supplement payable on all bookings where only one person is traveling
  • All others except committed to provide in cost included section above.
What you won't get?
Hot showers, electricity, television, beer, hamburgers, toilet, rubbish on the trail, thousands of tourists. depending on the location and facilities available.

Soft and light shoes (sneakers or kung-fu shoes are perfect) - after a long hike in inflexible hiking boots, you will be extremely happy to have some light and soft footwear to to wear around the lodge or in the village.

What can one expect from visiting a Kumpur Village?
The lifestyle of the host community is based primarily on their occupation which in most cases is farming. We encourage conservative use of amenities such as running water and electricity as they are not as abundant and widely available. We do however make sure that your stay is relatively at ease and you would not suffer from any great discomfort. The villagers are very welcoming and accepting and as a guest in their homes you would be included in all their activities and made to feel as part of the family. This enables your homestay visit to be as fulfilling and rewarding as possible.

What do the costs of each trip include?

The average holiday is between 2-5 days long. Our fees are all inclusive for the entire trip. They include all accommodation with host family, meals, transfers and ground transportation and guide services. Please contact us with your anticipated journey time and travel requirements and we will get back to you immediately with a quote.

What would the itinerary entail?
On most days, you will be helping your host family with their daily chores and tasks such as planting, harvesting or even selling their produce at the local market. you will be able to feel what it is like to live the life of a Nepali villager. Walk with your family while they go about their daily chores, tending animals, tilling the fields, going to school with the children, grass cutting, small hill and rock climbing, fruit picking, make butter, play with children, become teacher experience in primary school, sing song with peoples and dance, wild honey hunting.

What Kinds of meals do i get during homestay?

Wholesome and organic locally produced agricultural items are available along the Kumpur Village Tourism. Millets, wheat, corn, buck wheat Dhido (Nepali food item) and roti, baked corn, soybeans and other beans, dal and rice, gundruk (partially fermented edible leaves), seasonal vegetables and fruits, ghee, milk, honey, curd, other juices, poultry/goat items, edible roots, etc. are available. Other items like Kheer (pudding), sel-roti (fox bread), black dal's phuloura (a type of fried item), crab, tama (bamboo shoots), fish, local chicken, nettle, etc. are also available on demand.

Travel time from September to May (but not June/July/August, because then it is rainy-monsoon season in Nepal)

Recommended equipment list: sleeping bag, a warm jacket, good trekking shoes, sunglasses/sun cream, an insulated bottle for hot drinks and basic medicines.

Responsible Travel Policy
Ghale Treks offer small group and tailor-made holidays based on the appreciation and respect of the local environment and peoples.
Ghale Treks can show you some of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the world, from Nepal to Bhutan, Tibet, India and including all destination in south Asia, handpicked to offer you an unforgettable experience, while also preserving nature and benefiting local communities.
Ghale Treks actively support responsible, ethical and sustainable travel through our business practices, encouraging clients to do the same and also by contributing part of our profits to support community projects in the destinations we visit.

Ghale Treks try to ensure that all our trips not only minimize the negative effects of tourism but actually have a positive impact on the communities who welcome us into their villages and often their homes.

Using local guides, local transport and local accommodation and paying fair wages, ensures that not only do you gain a unique insight into the culture you are visiting but also that as much of your money as possible stays in the local community.

Wherever possible we also contribute to community projects (helping to preserve traditional ways of life, providing education and supporting environmental initiatives) and, if practical, encourage you to visit or even lend a helping hand.

In addition to supporting local community projects, wherever possible Ghale Treks supports the local economies by recruiting their guides and drivers locally. All are paid a fair wage for their labor ensuring that as much of your money as possible goes straight into the community.

By working in co-operation with local individuals and companies, particularly in less-developed regions, we advise on any potential impacts of our visits and strive to minimize these wherever possible. In this way, those who travel with us are not greeted as unwanted intruders but rather as welcome guests.

Our pre-trip Adventure Files include advice about our responsible travel policies and will encourage you to follow our guidelines. These include stressing the need to avoid wastage of local resources, minimizing the pollution caused by leaving litter, and emphasizing the need to respect local customs and cultural beliefs. As locals themselves, our guides will also advise and help you to fit in with social expectations.
In order to ensure a minimal impact on the places visited, the maximum size of a group on any trip is 12. We believe this allows you to become actively involved in the lives of the local communities without imposing "foreign" morals and values.

Currently Ghale Treks exploring Kumpur village at Dhading District and Ghale Gaun of Gorkha for supporting local communities and responsible travel holidays.

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