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Ghale was so helful in discussing which place to go!

we came back few months already from nepal. But still we cant stopped talking about it to our friends.

First we made friends in kathmandu the Tour company and the guide that help us to see and understand the heritage of the country. Ghale was so helpful in discussing which place to go and see.

Kathmandu is a heritage country itself still unspoiled and so much things to do, tell, see and explore.

We took a flight to see the most beautiful and breathtaking peak fo mt everest. I cant express the feeling of fulfilment o f seeing it, because im so excited to see it I missed to take some pictures but never mind my daughter took alot of them.

I want to see the sunset so we went to the top of Nagargot, the Himalayas, I couldnt express how beautiful and no adjectives can described being there watching the sunsetting even its a little bit. cold.

The durban , stupa and the surrounding areas is so beautiful and i havent seen building with such intrcate work of art. I hope they will preserved it for the next generation.

The only let down for us is the food , They still well behind on other things. But if tourism is in place everything will follows.

We will definitelly go back..................................

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